How to Make Money Before CHRISTMAS

I hopefully believe that Students ranging from the age of 15 to 35 can start making side or extra income with their Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC with the help of Neocytech Article.

  • A retired person?
  • Stay at home housewife or a single parent?
  • Student who needs extra income?
  • Physically challenged person?
  • Anyone who needs extra money but has little time to spend?
  • An individual who lives or wants to live in remote area and still needs to earn good money?

Ever Been In A Matrix That Stalled? That’s NOT Going To Happen Here Because We’ve Taken Measures Against That!

Now Here’s A Sure Way To Get The JUMP On Your Competition & Start Making More Money Than You Ever Thought Possible!It Doesn’t Matter Whether You’ve Ever Joined A Matrix Program In The Past Or Not… Because Now You Can Join This Unique New Matrix Program & Be On The MOST PROFITABLE SIDE OF THE EQUATION!

Online Income Sites are website/forum designed for the purpose of making side income for mostly students and non-working/unemployed/self-employed Group of people, there are different types of Online Income forum, listed below:

  1. Odap Global Network
  2. AdsWonga
  3. Invearn


ODAP is a program made to enrich and empower youth, students, working and non-working class across the globe. The Word ODAP means “Obtain Daily Assets Portion” & it is available for all.

Letting ebooks enter the lives of millions of people is a long and difficult process. Some people welcome digital reading with enthusiasm; some see nothing more than fear and nostalgia.

When it comes to promoting and selling eBooks online, we’ve never had it so good. I guess that’s why so many bloggers, entrepreneurs, and authors are doing great with their eBook writing and publishing right now.

With a lifetime membership fee of ₦100.00 , you have access to all our life changing Ebooks & services. ODAP run a simple and unique 3×2 matrix system with automatic movement of the same teammate from on stage to another. Easy to run and very much achievable.

I will strongly advise you to not to invest your grocery money by just aiming to get good returns in short time as you are paying for the Ebooks and profit sharing is just an additional bonus that you are getting from us as a part of our service.



  1. You Purchase an Activation Code for Just ₦100.00 i.e ₵3 HERE.
  2. Register with the Activation Code HERE
  3. After You Successfully Created your Account, Login to your Dashboard.
  4. You can now Earn By Referring ONLY 3 people or By Viewing Ads.
  5. After you’ve Successfully Earn up to ₦200.00 i.e ₵6, you can now Withdraw Directly to your Bank or Mobile Money Wallet.

Is ODAP Global Network Legist ?

Yes, Odap Global Network is Secure and Safe and also Pay to people Bank account or Mobile, as long as they meet the withdrawal requirements.


AdsWonga is the Best & Cheapest Way to Advertise your Music or Audio, Banner or Flyers, Website or Links, YouTube Video and Easiest Way to Get Followers and Subscriber on YouTube.

In Adswonga, Users also earn by viewing ads, that was advertised by people on the platform.



  1. Register a Free Account on AdsWonga HERE
  2. View some available Ads on your Dashboard.
  3. Activate your Account with a one Time Fee of ₦500.00 i.e ₵15
  4. Refer 2 People to Earn Additional Income.
  5. Withdraw to Bank or Mobile Money or Cryptocurrency as soon as you have up to ₦150.00 i.e 4.5.

Is Adswonga Legit ?

Adswonga is Legit and Secure, it is real and pays users directly to bank or Mobile Money or Cryptocurrency.


Invearn is a platform, where you will be trained on how to be financially Boyant, using Enterpreneurship Skill aquisitions like:

  1. Music Productions
  2. Video Productions
  3. App Development
  4. Website Development
  5. Graphic Design

Ask The Question, Learn With Perfection, Lead With Conviction



  1. Register for Free HERE
  2. Active your Account with ₦200.00 i.e ₵6, to have access to the available software.
  3. Watch the available Tutorial Video.
  4. Refer 3 people to Earn Extra Cash.
  5. Withdraw your Cash to your Bank Account or Mobile Money or

Does Invearn Pays ?

Invearn is Legit and Pays directly to Bank or Mobile Money Account.

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