5 Tips to Grow Your Offline Business Using the Internet.

1.      Branding

Nothing increases a brand’s perceived value than proper branding.

The reason why you pick one product from a mall shelf and leave the other is because of proper and attractive packaging.

While branding involves more than product packaging, you must pay close attention to other areas of corporate branding as it can help you grow your offline business using the internet fast.

Aspects of branding like your message tone, your positioning, color choice, etc. contribute to how you can grow your offline business online using the internet.

2.     Social Engagement

Oftentimes, business executives believe that they can grow their business through social media by just posting updates on their several platforms.

That ideology is far from the truth as nobody cares about what you have posted but how well you understand and engage with them as they interact with your content.

The key to social media lead generation and conversion is engagement.

Gainfully engaging with your [online] audience would increase the rate at which you turn your followers into customers.

Always seek to engage profitably with your audience and not just post daily content on your platforms.

2.      Google My Business

This is by far the most under-utilized business tool in Nigeria.

People would always search for your kind of business on google first before doing any other thing and this has made it very important for you to position yourself properly to gain as many customers as possible – for free.

Let’s say you want to hire a car in Port Harcourt and you key in “car hire in Port Harcourt” in the search engine.

4.     Local SEO Helps grow Your Offline Business

With Local SEO, people can find you faster when they search for things related to your products and/or services.

If your business has a website and/or blog, seek to tailor your web contents to suit your locality or the locality where your business is situated.

The reason why some of the answers you saw returned in the above image were returned is that the articles were tailored to Port Harcourt (in this case).

Say you run a kitchen accessories shop in Lagos, writing articles like “best place to buy kitchen accessories IN LAGOS” would help people searching for your kind of business but only in Lagos to reach you before any other person.

5.     Grow Your Offline Business Using Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is way more than only Facebook and Instagram Advertising. Other platforms like google offer you the opportunity to advertise your business online at a very affordable rate.

Nigeria is virtually living on the internet and when you structure and target your marketing campaign in a better way, you can land hundreds of customers per day.

Whether it is Facebook Ad, Twitter or Instagram Ads, Google Ads, etc. your business would receive the much-needed boost when you use paid advertising to announce your business and rake in quality leads and sales.


These sure ways to grow your offline business using the internet are highly effective and should be considered if you really want to leverage the internet to grow your business.

Every investment made in marketing your offline business using these internet tools would always yield continuous returns.

Refuse to rely only on flyers and banners and start projecting your business to a larger number of people through the internet.

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