18 Latest Business Ideas for Nigerian Students Less Than ₦100k.

Every student is looking for the best business ideas fit for Nigerian students which they can start with the least amount of money – say 100,000 Naira or less.

The harsh reality of the life of Nigerian students when it has to do with money is something that cannot be played down.

If you are a student right now and reading this very resourceful article, it means that you are looking for the best businesses a Nigerian student can start with less than 100,000 Naira.

This article goes deep to talk about 16 of the most profitable (yet practical) business ideas for Nigerian students that they can start with 100,000 Naira or less.

Great care has been taken to give accurate recommendations to make sure that this is not just another article that pops up on search engines, but the solution you have been looking for.

Let us take them one at a time, shall we?

1.     Blogging & YouTube

This is by far the easiest to run when it is in full swing but is not very easy to start.

Starting a blog would cost you less than 100,000 Naira while starting a YouTube channel is entirely free

Look around your school and you MUST find a few bloggers who are earning from their blogging monthly.

It only costs $10 (5,000) or less to buy a domain name for your blog. Even if you are hosting it with a foreign hosting company (which I totally advise), you would not spend close to 100,000 Naira.

Now, there are several ways to make money from your blog even outside Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing.

Find out how I made over 950,000 Naira in less than 1 year of starting it (my other blog). It is a very practical approach as you will see.

You can also start a blog for free by just creating a blog with Blogspot.

The mystery of Youtubing is that you need up to 1000 subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours before you can start earning money from your channel which shouldn’t be a huge problem for you as a Nigerian Student.

2.      Affiliate Marketing

You must have heard about affiliate marketing by now if you are interested in making money online but let us look at it differently.

Affiliate marketing is simply reselling another person’s products for a commission.

To do this, you need to learn how to write a convincing sales copy and also how to sell to people.

The best part of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to create any product but just sell what other people have created.

Several platforms can help you start affiliate marketing and you can find them easily online. With affiliate marketing, you can make more than 400,000 Naira a month as a student.

3.      Cake Making

Cake making is a pretty straightforward business that can yield a profit of 3,000 or 4,000 Naira per cake (depending on the size of the cake and how much you charge).

Students party a lot these days and they need cakes to “turn the party up”.

With careful marketing, you can be one of the best bakers in school and start making a living off cake making.

The beauty of cake making is that it is universal as everybody wants a piece of cake.

The challenge, however, would be how to get clients for your cake business which you can easily solve with a little bit of advertising and having an Instagram Business handle. Find how to create a very well-optimized Instagram Business handle in minutes here.

As you may know, people who buy cakes are not initially attracted by the quality of your cake but by how attractive it is. While quality would make you stay long and profitable in the business, being creative and innovative with your cake is a sure way to stake a claim in and around your school as the best cake maker around.

All you need to star is some money to buy a few basic cake-making essentials like Pan Set (of different shapes and sizes), mixer, piping bags and nozzles, rolling pin, etc. which would not cost up to 100,000 Naira.

4.     Dry Cleaning

The dry-cleaning business is another Business Ideas that Nigerian Students make so much money from

The very first thing you need to start a dry-cleaning or laundry business is space which you can easily start from your apartment washing space. With this settled, you can go ahead to start acquiring other basic things you need.

Detergents and soap, washing bowls, industrial electric iron, coal iron, and other minor requirements would not take up to 100,000 but if you really want to invest, then you should get a washing machine.

The beauty of starting this business as a student is that there are students who would continuously patronize your business.

Think about charging between 300 Naira to 1000 naira per piece of cloth (depending on the type of clothing) and what it would turn into financially when customers start rolling with after a bit of marketing.

If you are good with your job, you would never lack customers

5.     Graphic Design & Printing

This one is my favorite and one of the Business Ideas for Nigerian Students because this is actually how I started making money as a Computer Engineering undergraduate from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

All you need is just to know your way around either Photoshop or CorelDraw.

You are even luckier if your school is located in a place where you can have access to a printing press.

Why? Instead of just doing designs for people and collecting 2000-5000 Naira from people, you can also run their prints for them and make a good amount of money.

For instance, if you print a souvenir jotter for your client, you stand a chance to make a 10,000 naira profit per 100 pieces of jotter and the same can happen with paper bags

Here is a practical book that can help walk you step by step on how I started my printing business from scratch with less than 10,000 and how you can do the same and generate more than 100,000 naira per month.

6.     Hair & Wig Making

Can you make really nice hair for people? Can you make a nice wig? Then you are in business!

Female students are crazy about their appearances and so this means that you would never be out of business.

All you need to start a hair-making business is just the skill and a few pieces of equipment.

If you can make wigs too, then you should consider creating an Instagram account for it and sell to even people outside your school environment.

The beauty of this is that you just need one or two head mannequins and a few other pieces of equipment to start making and selling wigs for cool money.

If you know the types of hair ladies fix and how much they spend, you would start the hair and wig-making business immediately.

7.     Make Money Writing

You can make as much as 100,000 Naira per month from your writing!

You can either signup with Upwork or Fiverr, or start writing eBooks for money.

With writing, there is no limit to how much you can make.

Times have changed and every pastor these days want to write a book. You can become a ghostwriter for them and turn their Sunday messages into books.

Think about it, all their Sunday sermons are broken down into topics and sub-topics.

If you can take advantage of this skill, you would be cashing out steadily.

8.     Manicure & Pedicure

Do you know how much those people who sit under an umbrella to fix your nails make? Do you know how much you can make by simply making fingers glow?

If you are a very creative and innovative person, your creativity would draw customers to you when they see how well you handled your last customer.

The fact that girls wear nails everywhere means that more people than you can count are seeing your handwork.

With a little bit of branding and packaging, you can charge higher than regular and still have many customers.

9.     Tailoring/ Clothe Making

If you already know how to make clothes, then this is a plus for you.

Whether male or female, knowing how to make clothes is a huge money-making skill that you can capitalize on as a student and it doesn’t cost so much to start.

A second-hand “butterfly” sewing machine is less than 35,000 Naira on sale and if you can get it, then you can start your cloth-making business.

Think about those church and fellowship uniforms and how you can make money off them.

Think about making well-packaged party dresses or senator wears and make as much profit as 10,000 from each.

It can take about 6 months to gain this skill if you don’t already have the skill.

10. Web Design

This is for the tech-savvy people who enjoy sitting down to write codes.

Now, you can make money from website design even if you cannot write any line of code using WordPress. All you need is to learn your way around WordPress and you are in business.

However, it is safe that you learn how to market your skills because a skill without a customer does not amount to anything financially.

11. Social Manager

Social media managers make up to 15,000 Naira a month managing just one social media account. What happens when you manage 3? That is 45,000 Naira per month just helping some lazy or busy business owners manage their online presence.

The trick about this one is that social media management is not only about growing accounts but also about driving engagement and bringing in customers.

All it takes is a clear understanding of how a particular social media platform (like Instagram) works and how to drive engagement with it.

12.  Beddings & Pillow Case Sales

It doesn’t cost more than 5,000 Naira to make a bedsheet but you can sell it for up to 7,000 Naira. It doesn’t cost more than 8,000 to make a very good duvet but you can sell it for more than 12,000 Naira.

One of the biggest challenges a student has is that they keep thinking that they need some huge amount of money to start a business or side hustle.

You can start advertising your beddings business with zero Naira even make your first sale without money.

Let me explain.

Say, you advertise and someone wants a bedsheet, you tell them to pay so that you can make it for them. This way you pay money to make the bedsheet (that is if you cannot make it yourself) and keep the rest, all from the person’s money.

13. Skills Coaching: Another Business Ideas for Nigerian Students

What skills do you know? You can make money from it.

It can be how to bake, play a musical instrument, it can be teaching people how to start and run a blog, graphic design, video editing, etc.

Name it. Whatever it is. There is money in teaching people.

Are you not paying money to learn in your school?

This one costs absolutely zero Naira to start but the money-making opportunity here is limitless.

14. Tutorial Classes

What it takes for you to start making money from tutorials is to know much more than others.

You can make up to 40,000 a day from tutorials only if you charge 500 Naira per 80 students to teach them something they find difficult.

This is very practical when you teach your junior colleagues in your faculty.

You already know a few persons who are into the tutorials business but what you do not know is that it is really a business you should consider.

Funny enough, you don’t need a first-class CGP but to know a particular course more than the people you are teaching.

15. Open a Clothing Line

Now, people often wonder how this is a business opportunity for students with low income.

This is true because you can start a custom patched cloth business or custom printed t-shirts.

It only costs less than 2,000 Naira to print the shirt in the image above and it can be sold for around 3,000 per shirt.

Provided you know a place you can do the printing on the shirt, you are in business.

16. POS Business

The POS Business in Nigeria is a very profitable business for a disciplined Nigerian student who is working on a very tight budget.

As a student, you do not necessarily need to rent an office space since you can attach yourself with a friend who already has a business he/she is running or simply start from your room (provided it is secure).

You can easily get the equipment from a third party of approach a bank or agent for it.

The profitability of this business is not in question as there are already several students in Nigerian universities cashing out from their POS business in Nigeria.

17.  Sell arts & Crafts

Arts and crafts have changed! It has become about beauty too.

You can learn DIY skills even from YouTube and start making home and office decorating crafts almost immediately.

These arts and crafts range from flower vases through makeup containers, down to ashtrays and candles.

You do not need to spend up to 100,000 to start making crafts and the practical profit margin in this business is up to 100%


In this era alot of youth are owning House and car with month stipend and even with Food Rewards. Though it may be take time but it is always Profitable if you can study the plan and works with it.


While they are all very practical ideas and are verified, none of them would yield much for you if you do not know how to get and keep your customers.

Quality products and services could be another reason why your business would refuse to flourish.

Neocytech has carried out extensive research to ensure that these ideas a very practical and can be implemented almost immediately by anyone

These 16 business ideas for Nigerian students that can be started with less than 50k were carefully curated to help every Nigerian student start making some money by the side almost immediately.

Do you know any other business that should be on the list? Please drop a comment below.

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